Documentario Makers

Prima che arrivasse WeMake ci chiamavamo WeFab e organizzavamo iniziative sui Makers a Milano: Matteo Ninni e il suo team Caterina Sarubbi e Paolo Tardugno nei primi anni della scena Maker italiana erano spesso presenti e curiosi di conoscere i dettagli di questo nuovo mondo intervistandone i suoi protagonisti. E questo documentario  ospitato dalla Nuvola del lavoro e’ il risultato che val la pena condividere.  L’intervista che mi hanno fatto si e’ tenuta presso uno degli appuntamenti di Popupmakers, insieme a Bertram Niessen.

A documentary on Making, living and sharing by Jens Dyvik

For two years Jens Dyvik travelled around the globe visiting more than 25 fablabs, makerspaces, hackerspaces looking for answers to crucial questions like: How can I support people in creating their own products? If I share my design with the world, how can I still make a living? How can we achieve global collaboration and local manufacturing? One of my fav sentences of the movie:  “simply put: personal manufacturing is a way of filling your world with more meaningful things.” (Il video è corredato di sottotitoli in italiano grazie al supporto di Massimo Menichinelli)

Capturing reality / Catturare la realtà

(EN) A documentary on making documentaries. Over 30 interviews (from Werner Herzog to Laura Poitras) offer an insight on contemporary documentary crafting while reflecting on the nature of representation and the concept of truth. On the website there is also an educational guide to explore “the most serious issues facing any creator of art about real life”. (IT) Un documentario sul fare documentari. Oltre 30 interviste (da Werner Herzog a Laura Poitras) ci regalano una panoramica sulla pratica del documentario contemporaneo, riflettendo anche sulla natura della rappresentazione e sul concetto di verità. Sul sito è scaricabile anche una Guida Educational in PDF per esplorare “le questioni più serie che ogni creatore di arte sulla vita reale deve affrontare”.

The story of the Kingsnorth Six/ La storia dei sei di Kingsnorth

(EN) In 2007 six Greenpeace activists climbed the 220mt chimney of Kingsnorth power station to protest at the government’s plans to build a new and bigger coal-fired power station: they were accused of causing £30,000 of criminal damage. In 2008 their defence of  “lawful excuse” was accepted by the jury because they were acting to safeguard property around the world “in immediate need of protection” from the impacts of climate change, caused in part by burning coal. This green adventure inspired a great director like  Nick Broomfield to create a 20 minutes documentary  (download hi res) about it : “Obviously offering your services for a film is not exactly direct action but it’s doing something that is long overdue. People need to feel that they need to be involved themselves directly rather than relying on other people to do it for them. I suppose this was my own little step in that direction.” —————— (IT) Nel 2007 sei attivisti di 

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Animated Soviet Propaganda / Propaganda Sovietica animata

(EN) I run into this great long documentary (here’s  3 and 4) about soviet propaganda. It’s full of animated shorts starting from the twenties but also interviews with some directors still alive. One of the first one was written by Vladimir Mayakovsky who was sent to Cuba where  US corporation run the business of sugar and tobacco. He wrote  poem with his experience called Black and White and his drawings were used to produce an animated movie depicting fat priests and white business men enslaving cubans. Propaganda today is still alive and kicking in many other contests and this documentary it’s a good starting point to its strategies and how they evolved. —————— (IT) Mi sono imbattuta in questo sorprendente lungo documentario (qui trovate la parte  3 e 4) sulla propaganda sovietica. Non si tratta dei soliti poster ma di una serie di corti animati creati a partire dagli anni ’20 insieme ad alcune interviste sia ai registi ancora viventi,

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